What is Khoon Chooson Aandolan?

Khoon Chooson Aandolan is a social movement aimed at making it easier for people suffering from leukemia to get blood, and thus ensuring a better and more powerful life for them. Also, we aim to spread awareness about blood donation in the process.

What is the need?

Leukemia patients typically need regular blood transfusions to lead some semblance of a normal life (the girl who inspired this project needed 12 bottles every month). And, it’s not easy for them to arrange for that much blood every month, month after month. Why? Because, firstly, a lot of the volunteers get screened i.e. they are deemed unfit for blood donation (the reason can be one of many), also, every screened donor can only donate blood every three months-this in effect means that one needs an army of volunteers to ensure a steady supply of blood for the patient. This isn’t easy for everyone to do. And, this is where we step in.

So, what do we do?

The team at Khoon Chooson Aandolan is committed to providing an easier and more powerful life to leukemia patients. The team figured that if we can ensure a steady supply of blood donors to leukemia patients, we can take one big burden off their shoulders. So, we came up with the idea of a database-everyone who wants to be a volunteer donor can get themselves registered in the database. Patients can then contact us, and we will put them in touch with one of our donors. By building up a suitably large team of volunteers, a steady supply of blood can be ensured for the patients.

Is this movement just restricted to leukemia patients?

No. Though, the aandolan was initially conceived for just leukemia patients, the team realized that its scope was much larger than initially thought. Anyone who is in need of blood (leukemia patient, road accident victim etc) can benefit from it.

What do I have to do?

If you are interested in joining this movement, contact us at info.khoon@gmail.com or fill out our registration form. You can register yourself as a volunteer donor, or just as a volunteer.

As a volunteer donor, you’ll be expected to be open about donating blood as and when needed, provided it’s medically safe.

As a volunteer, you’ll be expected to help around in the general administration and running of the aandolan. Regular blood donation camps will be held, and volunteers will be expected to help out in their organization and popularization.

Make a difference. Be heard. And, spread the word!


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